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Anti Corrosion Pipeline Coating system supplied for corroding gas pipeline in New Zealand

Polyguard Pipeline Coating & Wrapping Systems - now in Australia & New Zealand

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Polyguard Products has been active in protecting pipelines from corrosion since 1950, using world-class innovative protective coatings.The complete range of Polyguard Products is now available throughout Australia and New Zealand. Polyguard is enjoying its 20th year of uninterrupted sales expansion and has provided Pipeline Coating & Wrapping systems world wide.

HORIZON Industrial is proud to hold the distributorship in our region for Polyguard Products.

Polyguard 1               Polyguard 2

The RD-6 pipeline coating system has been proven in the market for over 25 years, and used on thousands of applications worldwide with exceptional results.  As a superior and differentiated tape system, the RD-6 offers excellent soil stress resistance, installs faster than most other coatings, is proven to be non-shielding to cathodic protection currents in case of disbondment, and requires no cure.

Polyguard Products has also developed the RG-2400 gels with mineralization technology as a solution to CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation). Ideally suited for crevice environments, nearly completely independent of surface preparation for performance and outperforming most other traditional technologies in a crevice the RG gels enjoy a rapidly expanding customer base in the energy, military, food & beverage and pharmaceutical sector

Major Air Scouring Contract completed in Victoria

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The Contract included the cleaning of over 1,300,000 metres of potable and non-potable reticulation water mains throughout northern Victoria. This is one of the largest Air Scouring contracts in Australia's history and was completed on time.

The customer's minimum contractual conformance requirements included

  • OHS Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Delivery of Public Notices and provision of Customer Liaison services
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control
  • Approvied Works Planning Schedules
  • Crew Management
  • Traffic Management

With allowances for breaks during the summer months, holiday periods and the completion of a new water treatment plant, the contract took approximately 9 months overall.

Air Scouring 1  Air Scouring 2  Air Scouring 3  Air Scouring 4   

Air Scouring is a proven method of efficiently removing bio-films, sediment and other debris from the internal bore of reticulated water mains. The method employs the injection of filtered compressed air into the water mains to form 'slugs'. The air/water combination along with an increase in the flow velocity removes the solids, sludge, particulates and other foreign matter from the internal walls of the pipeline.

HORIZON Industrial provides Air Scouring Services as an effective means of ensuring the delivery of high quality drinking water whilst extending the life of the reticulation system and, maintaining optimum operating levels.

HORIZON Industrial also has extensive field experience in all aspects of Pipeline Pigging and provides a wide range of Pigging Services to customers across Australia and throughout the Pacific region. Effective Pigging (Swabbing) Services requires detailed planning including equipment design, pig selection, safety of all personnel, environmental management, project timing and a competitive cost structure.

HORIZON Industrial personnel have performed successful Pipeline Cleaning operations for customers across Australia in pipelines ranging from 50mm through to 2,400mm diameter.