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Pipeline Coating & Wrapping | new pipelines

Posted in Pipeline Coating & Wrapping

High Performance pipeline coatings are now available - HORIZON Industrial distributes for US based Polyguard Products which has been a manufacturer of buried pipeline coatings since 1950.

One of the company’s most successful products has been the RD-6 buried Pipeline Coating System, which was launched in 1987. The RD-6 System has been used by a large sector of the U.S. Oil & Gas industry for over 25 years. Whilst the product was initially used by customers for pipeline maintenance and rehabilitation, it is now also used widely for protection of girth welds on all new pipelines such as those installed throughout the massive shale oil and shale gas fields. Millions of square metres of pipelines have been coated throughout the world using the RD-6 System.

Pipeline Coating & Wrapping

As a superior and differentiated tape system, the RD-6 offers excellent soil stress resistance, installs faster than most other coatings, is proven to be non-shielding to cathodic protection currents in case of disbondment, and requires no cure. RD-6 is a single layer system, applied with a liquid primer. In very harsh applications an optional soil stress resistant outer wrapping layer is also available. In accordance with the installation specifications the RD-6 is applied with a 1” overlap. The coating can be applied with or without initial preparation such as sand blasting and as a single layer coating, RD-6 offers substantially higher  production rates during application in the field. 

 In addition to the RD-6 Coating System the company manufactures a Reactive Gel (RG) with mineralization technology, which has also been in use for decades throughout the USA and more recently throughout the world. Ideally suited for crevice environments, the RG gels have been used by the energy, military, food & beverage, petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors in the fight against Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI). With a performance independent of surface preparation for results, and highly effective in crevices, the gels have replaced traditional paint solutions, especially in the U.S. food and beverage industry. With features such no need for surface preparation, simplicity of application, no precise thickness control, no precise cure times and no complicated application equipment the RG Gels range have become a highly attractive option for those customers who have ongoing issues with CUI. Polyguard Products is represented exclusively in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea by HORIZON Industrial Pty Ltd.

HORIZON Industrial provides specialist Pipeline Products such as Pipeline Pigs, Pigging Equipment, Pigging Services, Pig Signallers, Pig Handling Equipment, Weld Testers, Isolation Tools, Pipeline Rehabilitation Services, Strainers & Filters, Pipeline Drying & Cleaning Services, Air Scouring Services, Pipe Repair Clamps, and FRP Grating.