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Air Scouring Services

Posted in Pipeline Services

HORIZON Industrial provides Air Scouring Services to customers throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Air Scouring is a proven method of efficiently removing bio-films, sediment and other debris from the internal walls of reticulated water mains. The method employs the injection of filtered compressed air into the water mains to form ‘slugs’. The air/water combination along with an increase in the flow velocity removes the debris from the internal bore of the pipeline.

Pressure gauges are used to monitor the air and water under pressure. In addition  filters are used to remove contaminates from the injected compressed air.  The air filters are continually monitored and maintained.

The pressurised air and water containing suspended solids that have been scoured from the internal bore are expelled through a controlled outlet point along the pipeline route.

The benefits of Air Scouring are:

  • Air Scouring is one of the recognised technologies available for sustainable water mains cleaning
  • Air scouring improves water quality and substantially reduces service delivery costs.
  • Environmental Management of the air scouring process is maintained at all times
  • Reduction of chemical usage
  • Minimises complaints from customers in relation to service interruption and poor water quality.
  • Air Scouring reduces turbidity and increases chlorine residual to outlying areas of the reticulation system
  • Cost effective in comparison to some other methods
  • Air Scouring uses less water than some other cleaning processes
  • More effective than laborious ‘Flushing” programs

HORIZON Industrial provides Air Scouring Services as an effective means of ensuring high quality drinking water is delivered to all stakeholders whilst extending the life of the reticulation mains system and maintaining optimum operating levels.

Example of an Air Scouring Project

Major Air Scouring Project completed in Victoria, Australia

Air Scouring 1  Air Scouring 2  Air Scouring 3  Air Scouring 4