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PHONE Sales & Technical 0431 144 250
PHONE Head Office Australia +613 9090 7447

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Horizon Industrial

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HORIZON Industrial is a specialist Pipeline Equipment, Products and Services provider with wealth of knowledge & experience attained over many years. HORIZON Industrial continues to provide innovative products & services solutions and support for customers both locally and internationally.

More detailed information is provided on our individual Pipeline Products & Equipment and Pipeline Services webpages, along with Data Sheets and Technical information available for download. 

An overview of the extensive range of Pipeline Products & Equipment and Pipeline Services that we provide is detailed below.

Pipeline Equipment & Products

Pipeline Strainers & Filters

Cast and Fabricated Y-Type Strainers, Simplex Strainers, T-Type Strainers, Duplex Strainers, Fabricated Bath Tub Strainers, Start-Up & Commissioning Strainers, Self-Cleaning Strainers, Foot Valve Strainers, Spare Strainer Baskets and Custom-Made Strainers

Pigging Equipment

Foam Pipeline Pigs, Mechanical Pipeline Pigs, Pig Launchers & Receivers, Non-Intrusive Pig Signallers, Intrusive Pig Signallers, Pig Trolleys & Handling Equipment, Pig Locating & Tracking Equipment, Pig Valves, Automated Pigging System Packages and Quick Opening Closures

Pipe Repair Clamps

Low, Medium and High Pressure Emergency Repair Clamps for all pipeline applications

Pipeline Testing Equipment

Pipeline Isolation Tools, Weld Testers, Low, Medium & High Pressure Pipe Plugs and Inflatable Bags


Flange type Butterfly Valves and Check Valves for Low, Medium & High Pressure applications

Other Products

FRP/GRP Grating, Flooring and Profiles

Pipeline Services

Pipeline Pigging

Swabbing, Clearing, Proving, Process, Scraping, Separation, Progressive, Test, Batching, Scaling and Flushing

Pipeline Cleaning

Cleaning your pipeline to remove Scale, Sludge, Sand, Silt, Mud, Product Residues, Bio-Films, Debris, Silica Deposits, Salt Crystalisation, Calcium Carbonate, Manganese Iron

Dewatering and Drying

Pigging after Hydrostatic Testing to Dewater, Clean and Dry High Pressure Gas Pipelines

Pipeline Repairs

Supply and Fitting of Low, Medium and High Pressure Repair Clamps for all pipeline applications

Project Management

Complete Management of Pipeline Repairs and Rehabilitation Projects including Evaluation, Planning, Documentation, Sourcing, Implementation and Execution


About Us

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HORIZON Industrial is a supplier of specialist Pipeline Equipment and Pipeline Services. Our company has continued to nurture its reputation as an industry leader through effective management and provision of innovative solutions for customers both locally and internationally. 

The success of our company is built on a partnership approach with our customers, introducing technological advances together with our world-wide strategic partners. 

Pipeline Pigging & Handling equipment | Horizon Industrial

Our Values

At HORIZON Industrial, we are continually striving to build relationships. Underpinning this passion is our technical expertise and experience encompassed in the technical knowledge, application and attitudes of our people. Delivering solutions that exceed our customers' expectations through a safe and productive workplace, is foremost in the standards we expect of ourselves.


With over 80 years of collective industry experience, HORIZON Industrial finds innovative product and service solutions for customers across all industries.

Our Commitment

  • To keep people safe at all times, care about the environment and take pride in the work we do on every project
  • We comply with all rules and regulations and ensure they are adhered to by all those who work with us and around us at all times
  • Through open and honest communications we listen to all contributions and provide support and encouragement
  • We will deliver the outcomes we commit to
  • We will continue to look for better ways to get the job done and respect the knowledge of others whilst sharing our resources