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Pipeline Strainers supplied for Aluminium Smelter

Posted in Horizon News

Innovative solutions provider HORIZON Industrial has supplied Y-TYPE Strainers in Forged Steel, Cast Steel and Cast Stainless Steel  in sizes ranging from DN50 (2”) through DN300 (12”) and for operational pressures of ANSI 150lb through ANSI 600lb.

The strainers are installed at an Aluminium Smelter on a range of applications throughout the facility. HORIZON continues to supply Spare Parts for these Strainers.

Y Type Strainer 1   Y Type Strainer 2   Y Type Strainer 3

As well as Y-Type Strainers HORIZON Industrial stocks and supplies Forged Strainers, T-Type Strainers, Bathtub Strainers, Duplex Strainers, Tee Strainers, Basket Strainers, Offset Strainers, Diaphragm Strainers, and Self-Cleaning Strainers.  

In addition to the range of complete Strainers HORIZON Industrial also supplies an extensive range of Replacement Strainer Baskets and Change-Over Strainer Elements to suit all other Strainer manufacturers' products.