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Simplex Basket Strainers for Diesel Powered Waste & Energy Management Systems

Posted in Horizon News

T-Type Simplex Basket Strainers have been successfully trialled for a Queensland based provider of diesel powered waste and energy solutions, and developed for local and international resource companies. As most of the Systems are containerised the selection criteria centered around equipment which could provide compact size, a range of Screen sizes, effective dirt handling capacity and low differential operating pressure. Simplex type Pipeline Strainers are installed to capture foreign particles and debris from process flow streams to protect downstream equipment such as pumps, valves, gauges, instrumentation and other critical equipment.

A “basket”, “screen” or “element” is fitted inside the body of the strainer which is sized to capture optimum sized particles. The construction of the element can be Perforated Metal, Wire Mesh, Woven Wire Mesh or a combination of these materials. When the internal element (basket) becomes clogged the strainer is isolated from the flow stream and the element is removed for cleaning or replacement via a blank cover plate or blind flange on top of the strainer body.

Common materials of construction are Cast Iron, Cast Steel or Cast Stainless Steel and the standard size range is 1” (25mm) through 20” (500mm). Simplex Basket Strainers are often selected for installations where the dimensional envelope is restricted as they are compact, have a relatively large basket area to bore ratio, provide a low differential operating pressure, easy to install and robust construction for reliability in service.

HORIZON Industrial supplies a comprehensive range of Pipeline Strainers, and accessories to the Manufacturing, Resource, Process and Energy Sectors. Extensive product knowledge and many years of experience are backed by field-proven performance in the design, selection and application of Pipeline Strainers and Filters for customers in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

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