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Pig Trap Closures

Posted in Pigging Equipment

Quick Action Closures offer access to Pig Launchers & Receivers as a means of safely loading or unloading Pipeline Pigs. HORIZON Industrial offers a range of Quick Action Closures from various manufacturers around the world.

Typical Quick Action Closure types include:

  • Screwed or Threaded
  • Locking Band
  • Clamp Ring
  • Double Bolt Yolk
  • Swing Bolt or T-Bolt

The selection criteria for Quick Action Closures is usually based around a range of operating considerations such as:

  • Frequency of operation
  • Size of pipeline
  • Operational hazard levels
  • Operating Pressure &Temperature
  • Type of pigging operation i.e. process or inspection
  • Flow Media
  • Design Codes and Standards applicable
  • Level of operator Safety required
  • Ease of operation
  • Type of Pipeline Pigs being employed
  • Ongoing maintenance and spare parts requirements
  • Location of Pig Launchers & Receivers

HORIZON Industrial provides advice on the selection of Quick Action Closures to suit all applications.