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Locking Band | Internal Door Closures

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S-3000 Locking Band | Internal Door Quick Opening Closures

The S-3000 is Stark’s Internal Door design which is manufactured in diameters ranging from 6” to 84” (DN150 to DN2100). The closure design concept relies on the proven method of a locking ring that slides into the closures outer hub. When expanded to the closed position, the locking ring assembly securely latches the door into place. Durable components are used to actuate the locking ring and are designed to withstand the demands of long-term operation.


  • Broad Size Range and Pressure Series 
  • O-Ring design with large cross section on horizontal and vertical closures, for 
  • positive seal, protection from light wear and corrosion, and cost efficiency
  • Lip seal design on horizontal and vertical closures 
  • Improved operation with load binder assist on horizontal sizes 24” (DN600) 
  • and larger 
  • Fail- safe Design



  • Certified to ASME B31.3/B31.4/B31.8/CSA Z662 Cat. I / ASME SEC VIII DIV. 1
  • Pressure Alert Valve per UG-35.2 of ASME BPVC VIII DIV. 1 
  • Nace MR0175 compliant material 
  • -50° to + 400°F (-45° to 204°C) 
  • Viton O-Ring supplied with closure 


  • Flanged Closure – welded connection or one piece
  • ASME BPVC VIII DIV. 1 with U-Stamp for door only or whole closure (hub, 
  • door, locking ring) 
  • Stainless Steel, duplex, super-duplex
  • Inconel or Stainless-Steel weld overlay 
  • External hinge trim for Offshore uses 
  • Hydraulic lift on vertical closures
  • Special materials and O-Rings 
  • Horizontal or Vertical orientation 


Threaded Closures

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S-500 Threaded Quick Opening Closures

The Stark S-500 Threaded Closure represents historically the most widely used closure style in the oil and gas sector. Based on the industry desire for robust and cost-effective solutions, Stark improved upon the industry standard design to bring operation to a new level. Features to avoid hammering and strengthen operator control were incorporated into the otherwise proven design. The S-500 is manufactured in diameters ranging from 2” to 52” (DN50 to DN1300) and pressure series 150 through 1500.


• Proven and robust design

• Economically priced

• Certified to ASME B31.3/B31.4/B31.8/CSA Z662 Cat. I

• Flat sealing surface for best seal results on all sizes 

• Bidirectional Hinge design allows the cap to open to left and right side



• 2” to 4” (DN50 to DN100) closures designed for wrench opening

• Opening tool supplied with 6” to 52” (DN150 to DN1300) closures 

• PAV per UG-35.2 of ASME BPVC VIII Div. 1 on 6” and larger (2” to 4” optional) 

• Cap designed per ASME BPVC VIII Div. 1, U-Stamp compliant 

• Nace MR0175 compliant material

• -50° to + 400°F (-45° to 204°C)



• Flanged Closure - welded connection or one piece

• ASME BPVC VIII Div. 1 with U-Stamp for whole closure (cap and hub)

• Opening Wrench for 2” to 4” (DN50 to DN100)

• PAV per UG-35.2 of ASME BPVC VIII Div. 1 on 2” to 4” (DN50 to DN100)

• Stainless Steel and Inconel weld overlay on sealing surfaces

• Custom Wall Thickness, vents, and other modifications 

• Special Materials and O-Rings 

• Horizontal, Vertical, or Inclined hinging






FRP | GRP Grating & Profiles

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HORIZON Industrial supplies FRP | GRP Grating and FRP | GRP Floor Panels to customers around Australia and the Pacific Rim. Please refer to our Product Information Sheet below which provides technical details, types, colours and surface finishes available.

We supply in bulk packs or can provide panels cut to specific shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.


Technical Information & Downloads

 GRP | FRP Grating Information GRP | FRP Information Sheet

Products & Equipment

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HORIZON Industrial supplies specialist Pipeline Products to a wide range of customers across all industries throughout Australia and Internationally. With the support of our local and overseas strategic partners, we provide high quality products and equipment packages designed and manufactured in accordance with all relevant codes and standards.

Pipeline Products

Quick Opening Closures | Pipeline Closures | Pressure Vessel Closures | Quick Action Closures

Threaded Closures, Clamp Ring Closures, Internal Door Closures

Strainers and Filters

Y-Type Strainers, Simplex Strainers, T-Type Strainers, Bathtub Strainers, T-Type Strainers, Bathtub Strainers, Duplex Strainers, Start Up & Commissioning Strainers, Self-Cleaning Strainers, Spare Strainer Baskets and Custom-Made Strainers

Pigging Equipment

Foam Pipeline Pigs, Mechanical Pipeline Pigs, Automated Pigging Systems, Pig Launchers & Receivers, Intrusive and Non-Intrusive Pig Signallers, Pig Trolleys and Pig Handling Equipment, Pig Tracking & Locating Equipment, Pig Valves and Pig Trap Closures

Repair Clamps

Low, medium and high pressure Repair Clamps in a wide range of materials and sizes. For use on Water, Wastewater, Oil & Gas and most other pipelines

Pipeline Testing Equipment

HORIZON Industrial supplies Isolation Tools, Weld Testers, Pipe Plugs and Inflatable Bags for low, medium and high pressure pipeline applications. Liquids or Gas


Butterfly Valves - Lug and Flanges type, Check Valves. All available in a wide range of materials, pressure and temperature classifications

Other Products

FRP and GRP Grating, Flooring and Profiles




Strainers & Filters | Quick Opening Closures

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Quick Opening Closures offer access to Strainer & Filter vessels as a means of safely & quickly accessing Strainer Baskets or Filter Cartridges for the purpose of replacement and/or cleaning. Quick Opening Closures save a considerable amount of time in comparison to Blind Flange or Swing Bolt type closures. Closures can be provided to suit most pressure, temperature and size requirements. A range of materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex and super duplex as materials of construction are available. 

HORIZON Industrial is the Authorised Distributor in Australia and New Zealand for the Stark Solutions range of Quick Opening Closures.

Typical Quick Opening Closure types include:

Quick Opening closures Stark

The selection criteria for Quick Opening Closures is usually based around a range of operating considerations such as:

  • Frequency of operation
  • Size of pipeline
  • Operational hazard levels
  • Operating Pressure &Temperature
  • Type of pigging operation i.e. process or inspection
  • Flow Media
  • Design Codes and Standards applicable
  • Level of operator Safety required
  • Ease of operation
  • Type of Pipeline Pigs being employed
  • Ongoing maintenance and spare parts requirements
  • Location of Pig Launchers & Receivers



HORIZON Industrial provides advice on the selection of Quick Opening Closures to suit all applications.