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Pigging Services contract completed in Far North Queensland

Posted in Pipeline Services

Horizon Industrial successfully completed a Pigging Services contract to clean 3”, 4” & 6” reticulated water mains for Georgetown Shire in far North Queensland.

In addition to cleaning the town’s water supply pipelines the alliance also cleaned a Raw Water Mains Pipeline running from a dam to the treatment plant.

High efficiency cleaning pigs were propelled down through Fire Hydrant connections via a specially adapted pig launching device. By opening and closing strategic valves the pigs were directed to specific outlet points in the system.

 Pigging G 1   Pigging G 2   Pigging G 3

Pigging G 4   Pigging G 5   Pigging G 6  

Pigging G 7   Pigging G 8   Pigging G 9

The results of field testing have shown that Pipeline Pigging is approximately 9 times more effective than other pipe cleaning methods such as Flushing and Air Scouring. HORIZON Industrial has over 80 years collective experience in the design and supply of Pigging Equipment, supply of Pipeline Pigs and provision of Pigging Services.

HORIZON Industrial technicians have cleaned pipelines ranging in size from 50mm (2”) through to 2,400mm (96”)for customers across Australia. A wide range of pig types are available for light duty cleaning through to aggressive heavy duty cleaning, regardless of the pipeline length.

HORIZON Industrial also provides Air Scouring Services, Pipeline Assessments, Pipeline Maintenance, Pipeline Installation and Rehabilitation services.